I am writing to thank you for the exemplary class that you offered to our Adult Nurse Practitioner students on Mind-Body care.  The class explained clearly the connections that exist between the mind and body and how these connections can assist in improving, but also in creating problems in a person’s health.  Your presentation was particularly effective because the students participated in many of the interventions that you utilize to demonstrate the connections to patients. Your clear method of not only exploration, but also how simple modalities can be utilized in the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain and other ailments was fascinating.   You were then able to give examples of patients that you have treated one on one as well as in groups to explain the relevance to their practice. You left the students with an ability to explore the relevance of the mind and body with all of their patients and gave them a beginning set of tools to utilize with their patients to decrease anxiety and improve their health and health behaviors.  These skills will, I believe, assist in their development of a mind-body approach to their care as they explore them with clients. Thank you so much for willingness to teach your considerable understanding of this work and its benefits for patient care. — Susan J. Roberts DNSc, ANP, Professor, Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences

It's rare that I can say that something or someone changed my life. The insight I gained and the practical strategies I learned from the Mind/Body work that I did with Lisa, got me through a challenging time and makes a positive difference in my life every single day. I have much more energy and I feel more peaceful in how I approach my world. Working with Lisa has helped me physically, mentally and spiritually. The words that come to mind when I think of Lisa are giving, dedicated, invested and expert. She has a wealth of knowledge and compassion; she cares and is a gem of a resource.

— Robin, Gloucester, MA

On behalf of Marilyn Daley, DNP, APRN, the NHNPA Special Events Committee, and the NHNPA Board of Directors, I extend our deepest gratitude to you for an amazing presentation at our NP Week event on 11/14/18!
The presentation was relevant, informative and provided useful information that our NPs can apply to patients and themselves.  Your show-and-tell of how to handle a stressful event with grace, was very impressive!
A quick review of the evaluations show that the audience loved the presentation.  Some comments include:
"Excellent program. Enjoyed Lisa's presentation."
"Loved it!" 
"Great presentation! I so needed to hear this today."
Thank you Lisa!
— Jen Thompson

Thank you very much for your wonderful iMindBody presentation at Midwestern University! Your profound understanding of the biopsychosocial approach to wellbeing truly shows via your charisma and dedicated work. Your peaceful meditation, helpful handouts and memorable examples were very engaging for both the healthcare students and faculty alike. Your way of easily explaining complex topics and clearly answering questions ensured that everyone left with a better understanding. You certainly raised our awareness and sharpened our tools so that we may better care for ourselves and future patients. You truly embody the mind-body-spirit connection and exemplify what a balanced life can offer. Thank you again, Lisa!

— Christina Merenda, M.A., MSII
Integrative Medicine Club | President
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine Midwestern University

Thank you for the work you did with me this year.  I have managed to incorporate the mindfulness work into my life in a way that has really improved my ability to manage stress and worry.  In addition, I appreciated your care and focus on how the skills you teach could help me support myself in the particular circumstances that challenge me.
        Now with a month or so between my last session and today, I can report that I turn to meditation whenever stress or discomfort distracts me from what I need to be able to do.  And, it works.  So too, when I find myself consumed by unhealthy worry, I call on some the exercises we did together (root fear, appreciations) to bring myself back to ground.  I entered our work with skepticism; I leave it with great appreciation for its benefits and possibilities. 
— DJ, Wellesley, MA


My training showed me not only how to cope with my anxiety, but also how to understand where my anxiety was coming from. I gained tools that allow me to view an anxious situation from a positive perspective. I learned how to calm my mind and physically relax my body, so that I can overcome any challenge that may arise. I now have a better understanding of how my mind works, and feel in control of how I interact with the world.

— KC, Newton Massachusetts


Lisa is a gifted teacher of Mind-Body medicine. In my class, 'Science of Health,' at Berklee College of Music, she speaks each semester to 30 undergraduate music students. She engages them with her abundant fund of knowledge, her charm, her authenticity, her warmth, and her wit. She 'meets them where they are' and leads them to a deeper understanding and appreciation of health and wellness. I cannot imagine someone better suited to be a Mind-Body educator, colleague and healthcare provider.   — Steven D. Rauch, MD, Professor, Dept of Otolaryngology, Harvard Medical School; Professor, Liberal Arts Dept, Berklee College of Music


Thank you so much for your passion and your generosity in sharing your experience with us during your talk at Berklee. The students really enjoyed it. I myself have already put your breathing techniques and the ‘does this thought serve me?’ question into use, and I have noticed changes in my physiology when challenging my habitual negative thought patterns. 

— MC, Berklee College of Music


Lisa’s class was life-changing for me. I have been trying to learn how to meditate ever since I had my first panic attack five years ago. Lisa gave me the tools to help me calm my mind to alleviate anxiety, not only by encouraging me to meditate daily, but also by helping me to learn how to restructure my automatic negative thoughts into a more positive, constructive viewpoint. I plan to continue to incorporate these tools in my daily life, which will improve my life and my relationships with others. Lisa is very passionate about the mind-body connection and her passion shines through! 
— Susan, Newton, MA


Lisa is a dynamic presenter, with the ability to share information in an easy-to-understand way. It is clear that she is passionate about the mind-body connection to trauma, health, and healing. Through this training she has given me tools I can use for myself and in my work with others.

— Amy Genest
Domestic Violence Advocate


I have always believed that people come into my life for a reason, when I need them most. This is true of my meeting Lisa. After a very stressful six months I woke up one morning with profound anxiety. It was the flip side of the depression I was not acknowledging. The Mind-Body Training with Lisa was exactly what I needed and is invaluable to me every day. Lisa is warm, compassionate, calming and joyful. Her passion for this work is a gift and was a blessing for me. With her help with this training I learned how to recognize my stressors, where they come from, how they affect my body and how I truly can manage them. I have felt the changes in my body ,in my brain and in my life. Meditation is now a part of my daily life. Mindfulness is the gift I received from Lisa. I am so grateful and I am changed for good.  — Ginny, Roslindale, MA


Lisa is very knowledgeable on the mind-body connection. She is an excellent presenter and has a deep understanding of the topic.

— Betsy, Domestic Violence Advocate


I am 21 years old and a classical vocalist at NEC. I was 20 when I started Mind and Body work with Lisa and she really transformed the way I handle stress. I have learned a number of tools to cope with and overcome stress within my everyday life and long term stress such as my studies, relationships, tough decisions, and overwhelming tasks. She has taught me so much about how to detect negative thoughts and unhealthy eating and sleeping habits. She helped me to combat these challenges through exercises, journaling, and meditation. I am so much more well-rounded as a person and musician since I’ve started Mind and Body work with Lisa and I can not thank her enough for her knowledge, support, encouragement and for all the positive changes she helped me achieve. Change is hard and having the skills that Mind and Body has to offer has had a remarkably powerful and wonderful influence on my life that I will continue to use and improve on.   — Karen


Your information was on point and got to the heart of the stress responses that many of us in the helping professions experience. I really enjoyed the breathing exercises and the invitation to practice them throughout my day. I find this focus on my breath to be a simple way to come back into my body when the energy around me has me feeling out of balance.  

— Patty Redlon, Domestic Violence Advocate / Child Protective Services Liaison


Lisa's presentation was profound and practical, including self-care tips and how to unlearn destructive thought patterns and replace them with truth and affirmation. Very helpful! — Anna, Domestic Violence Advocate and Self-Image Advocate